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Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL)

Play is a fundamental way in which children develop. From a very young age they learn about the world through play and this helps them build many skills such as resilience and imagination, as well as social skills.

It is a fact that many children do not get 'out' to play like many of us did when we were groin up. Therefore, opportunities to build these skills are limited. National research shows that children's mental and physical health is deteriorating and that great play can make it better. During seven years at primary school, children spend 1.4 years at play.

We see playtime as part of the curriculum - a real opportunity for them to develop all these skills whilst out playing with their friends. 

Often we associate getting muddy, playing in sand, dressing up etc. should be limited to younger children. We believe that ALL of our children benefit from these activities, no matter how old they are. 

Mrs Potter is our OPAL lead and holds play assemblies every second Wednesday. During these the children risk assess new equipment and activities and discuss issues/ideas they may have.

Please see our Play Policy below.