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Pupil Voice


Trowbridge Youth Parliament 

The Trowbridge Youth Parliament (TYP) was set up several years ago to give a voice to all the young people in Trowbridge and the surrounding areas.  It is made up of two Yr 5 & 6 representatives from each of the primary schools and three representatives from Yr 7 & 8 from each of the secondary schools in Trowbridge - 22 schools in all.  The representatives are elected by the whole school.   Each candidate prepares a speech explaining why they feel they should represent the school.  following this, all the children vote and our reps are elected !

Over the years, the TYP reps have led the school in;

  • An anti-social behaviour campaign;
  • creating mosaics, linked to the Olympics for Trowbridge Park;
  • Fundraising as a group of schools for the RSPCA;
  • Organising a musical event at the Civic Hall in which all schools participate;
  • Creating a garden area in Trowbridge Park;

All of the ideas come from the TYP reps themselves - we are very proud of our school's contribution.

School Council

The School Council (should) meet every other week and make important decisions about what happens at Southwick School.